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This website lets you watch US heatwaves in real time

The US rolled out a new government website dedicated to extreme heat. The new online data portal shows the effects of heatwaves in real time. Summers...

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The World Meteorological Organization has ‘no immediate plans’ to name heatwaves

Extreme heat has spurred calls to give heatwaves names, similar to tropical storms. The World Meteorological Organization, however, said that it...

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In Greece, heatwaves are so bad officials are considering giving them names

Officials and scientists in Greece are considering giving heatwaves names and a ranking, similar to storms. It’s part of a global push to prepare...

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More ‘record-shattering’ heatwaves are on the way

"Record-shattering" heatwaves that can last a week could become more common as a result of climate change, a new study finds. Even more...

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