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How to send anonymous message on Instagram

How to send anonymous message on Instagram Instagram is one of the most-used social media apps these days. Although, the platform already...

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Twitter now lets you pin up to 6 DMs

Twitter today announced that now users can pin up to six DMs on its platform. This will enable users to keep on their important chats on the of their...

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Instagram wants to keep its younger userbase safe, rolls out new message features

Instagram has introduced new features to keep its users, specifically the younger userbase safe from people with malign intents. Instagram...

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Instagram introduces new ways to protect people from abuse

Instagram has introduced new tools to protect its users from hate speech and abuse, specifically over DMs. Here's how this works. ...

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This is how Instagram pledges to fights harassment on DMs

Instagram has introduced a new way of handling bullies over DM (direct message) so that people are not harassed there instagram features ...

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