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Breakthrough Innovation for a Brighter Future

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 04:46 AM

Breakthrough Innovation for a Brighter Future Necessity, as they say, is the mother of innovation. I would take that further and say that innovation has not just been critical to human development over millennia but is intrinsically linked to segregating humans from other species in

Necessity, as they say, is the mother of innovation. I would take that further and say that innovation has not just been critical to human development over millennia but is intrinsically linked to segregating humans from other species in the animal kingdom. Humans invented the wheel, the light bulb, the steam engine, the computer and rockets that can go to the moon – the list is endless. The spirit of innovation in human hearts is similarly immeasurable and essential to the continued progress of the human race. Also Read - Realme C30s, scheduled to launch on September 14, might be priced at 7,999

The question is, how does one embrace this spirit in one’s own life? How does one link this to personal goals and to personal progress? I believe that the concept of breakthrough innovation is first a state-of-mind before it evolves into a state of action. This mindset is not only an important one for individuals, it is also something that needs to be seen in the context of our
country, one of the most diverse places on the planet and also one with the youngest demographics. If we collectively embrace and understand the importance and relevance of enabling or being part of an ecosystem that facilitates breakthrough innovation, we will collectively progress – as individuals, as a society and as a nation. Also Read - Realme Narzo 50i Prime India launch date announced

How does one get started? Let’s begin with the small steps first. Also Read - Dizo Watch R Talk, Watch D Talk launched in India at Rs 4,999, Rs 3,999 respectively

1. Believe in your self-potential: This is a cardinal rule for success. A limiting self belief kills human potential and impedes success at all levels. Throughout history, all the great innovators of the world have achieved remarkable success, often at great personal cost and against overwhelming odds only basis their limitless self-belief. I have to narrate the story of Thomas Edison here – the famous inventor of the lightbulb. Edison’s teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything.” He was fired from his first two jobs for being “non-productive.” Going forward, as an inventor, Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb before he finally succeeded.

2. Continuously improve yourself to provide value: Self-improvement is critical to overcoming failure and embracing success. Whether you are a teacher, a scientist or a financial advisor, in today’s world, change is the only constant. And this change is now, more often than not, being driven by technology. AI, robotics, automation, data sciences and cloud computing are some of the emerging technologies that are completely reshaping our world and the fabric of our collective existence. These are driving continual changes in how we work and therefore the onus is on us to embrace this change and keep ‘upgrading’ ourselves so that we stay relevant in the workplace and beyond.

3. Continuously empower the team and yourself: Embracing change and continuous self-improvement is important but none of us work alone on a deserted island. More often than not, we work in teams and as the saying goes, ‘a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.’ So self-improvement is good but team improvement is critical. As our teams improve, so does our ability to focus on what is important and enable the breakthroughs. And as part of this, it is also important for leaders to build the habits and routines and put in systems and processes that lead the team to growth. But let me give this
more context – and here I’m sharing something from the animal kingdom. Birds usually fly in a flock and very often, those that fly long distances, over thousands of miles, like the Siberian Crane or Canadian Geese, fly in a V shaped formation. You will always see that the leader of the flock is the one flying right at the front – at the head of the V. It is this bird who breaks wind resistance and helps those behind it fly more efficiently, thereby saving energy and effort. Interestingly, the flock will also, during its flight, shuffle the formation and have other birds take the leadership position to help avoid putting all the pressure on a single bird. This is a great example of not just great leadership but also the benefits of working efficiently together as a team.

4. Dare to challenge the self-limiting rules: You know what they say – ‘rules are meant to be broken.’ Leaders and their teams often need to challenge not just self limiting beliefs but also self-limiting rules that hinder innovation or create barriers on the path to breakthroughs. According to a McKinsey survey, 94% of executives were shown to be dissatisfied with their own organisation’s innovation performance. This was reflected across sectors with one key finding: Despite huge outlays of money and people, organisations often feel that the outcomes are limiting. The key reason for this was linked to many of these organisations’ inability to address an important and underlying challenge: navigating in-company systems and processes that hinder or limit breakthrough innovation. Leaders and their teams therefore need to question these limitations and work around them or simply do away with them.

5. If striving to survive is the meaning of life, then living your true self is the greatest survival: A few live to excel, while most simply live to survive. For those who want to stand apart from the crowd, living your true self is what will give meaning to your life. The rest is only surround sound.

For consumer technology brands too, innovation and disruption is the name of the game. History is the graveyard of innumerable tech companies that failed to move with the times, did not understand consumer sentiment and failed to anticipate technology trends. Those that survived and prospered were those who understand that sustained innovation is the name of the game. realme is one such brand that has, in its relatively short period of existence, striven to break the status-quo. It has broken the shackles of conformity and focused relentlessly on transforming the market with products that embrace new design paradigms and reflect cutting-edge technology while also bringing in innovative business models to achieve success. Breakthrough innovation is the very soul, the DNA of the brand and its mantra of success aimed at not just young consumers but those who have a differentiated approach to life – one that we call ‘a dare-to-leap attitude’. realme is known for the risks it takes with its products – bringing in innovative designs technologically advanced features, and all its products mirror the brand’s young, daring spirit. realme has never shied away from disrupting the market, and the GT NEO 3T reflects exactly this DNA, with more than one breakthrough technology. It sports an 80W SuperDart Charge along with a Snapdragon 870 5G; while it also sports industry-leading display with 120Hz E4 AMOLED display. Moreover, GT NEO 3T has been designed by the realme design studio.

Over the past four years, we have continued to pursue breakthroughs in our products through technology, battery, and design innovations. Breakthrough innovation is one of the hallmarks of our innovation strategy, creating both opportunities for and responses to consumer needs and wants. We continue to believe and prove that the approach of breakthrough innovation leads is disruptive and vital to continued market success.

— Madhav Sheth, CEO, realme India, VP, realme and President, realme International Business Group

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